Monday, October 6

Loving EVERY mother of preschooler.

This weekend, we had a very interesting guest, Lynne Spears at convention. This is as good of my pics as I got. The purpose of her coming has really gotten me to think and wonder if I am looking for every mother of preschooler to welcome to MOPS, or church, or just who I think would fit in. This article sums up very well why she was there. I found this on several websites by using google. I believe it was released by MOPS.

"Author Lynne Spears and Leading International Mothering Organization Challenges More Than 4,500 Moms to Include, Not Judge

Last update: 11:28 a.m. EDT Oct. 4, 2008

GRAPEVINE, Texas, Oct 04, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Author Lynne Spears, mother of Britney and Jamie Lynn, challenged over 4,500 mothers today, encouraging them to "reach out to every mom around you." Lynne joined the stage with MOPS International CEO Elisa Morgan at the MOPS International Convention in Grapevine, TX to talk about some of her personal mothering experiences.

Morgan joined Spears in challenging moms to befriend others who "might not fit the mold of how you think a mother should look; you've got to look beyond what you see on the surface."
In her introduction of Spears, Morgan reminded audience members of the purpose of MOPS International, a leading mothering organization that provides community to over 100,000 mothers of preschoolers. "We know MOPS exists to encourage, equip and develop every mom -- no matter where she's been or what she's done...EVERY mother of preschoolers -- including moms like Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears."

The purpose of the 2008 MOPS International Convention is to help mothers understand that when they are loved and accepted just as they are, they will be empowered to care about other moms. "Having Lynne Spears here today is a demonstration of how we can build bridges to other moms and bring them into a community of hope and encouragement -- no matter where they are at in their mothering journey," Morgan said.

At the conclusion of the interview, Morgan and MOPS International President Naomi Cramer Overton presented Spears with two complimentary MOPS International Memberships as a gift to her daughters, and a membership to FullFill, a community for women in all seasons of life.

About MOPS International

Founded in 1973, Denver-based MOPS International is a non-profit organization that creates communities and resources to help make "better moms who make a better world." A MOPS group is a place where moms can come -- just as they are -- to build friendships, receive mothering support, practical help and spiritual hope; all to help make better moms for a better world.

MOPS International serves more than 100,000 mothers of preschoolers from all walks of life. The non-profit organization exists to encourage, equip and develop every mother of preschoolers to realize her potential as a woman, mother and leader in the name of Jesus Christ.
MOPS volunteer Coordinator, Christy Cowan feels her time invested in strengthening moms is worth every minute: "Our group reaches not only families across the world -- through MOPS International -- but moms across the street. Our local MOPS group provides authentic community and ways for moms to make friends and grow in parenting skills. In a MOPS group, we see moms get the support they need to be better moms and that makes a huge impact on their families, communities and the way they reach out to make a difference in the world."

MOPS International Convention

When a new mom experiences mothering, it can feel like a roller coaster of emotions. Not knowing what will come around the next loop or tunnel can make a mom uncertain, but if she experiences the ride with other moms she'll have something in common ... MOPS. Mothers of preschoolers find community, friendship and support in more than 4,000 local MOPS groups across the United States and in 32 countries internationally.

From Oct. 2-4 at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, more than 4,500 volunteer leaders who help moms make those vital connections with other moms will gather for training, inspiration and networking. These volunteer leaders, who are moms themselves, give 15-plus hours a month with MOPS International to facilitate MOPS groups where moms can find a support network and grow as women, mothers and leaders.

National Speakers and Artists The 2008 MOPS International Convention features authors and speakers Patrick Lencioni, Erwin Raphael McManus and Julie Barnhill, along with MOPS International CEO Elisa Morgan and MOPS International President Naomi Cramer Overton. Musical guests include Plumb, Avalon, Nic Gonzales, Jaci Velasquez, Kim Hill and Go Fish."