Monday, February 28

Cancer stinks!

I am a daddy's girl, loud and proud!  Well, after getting back in the groove to post on my blog, we found out my dad had cancer.  All other things in this life seemed instantly a lot less important.  Blogging being one of them.  Just as the holidays were rolling full speed ahead, we found out that what we were told was a malignant growth was in fact cancerous.  It was not a good holiday season but at the same time, we thanked God for our blessings and were so thankful to have hope.

That word cancer puts you into action mode.  You start reading, researching and learning about more than you ever wanted to know about something.  Every doctor has an opinion, some more than others, of what is the best thing to do.  With dad though, there was a question of what was the best.  My brothers and I all teamed up and sifted through all the information we could get our hands on and went through all the possibilities.  After we got a game plan in order, little did we know how life would change and how the game plan doesn't stay the same.

Today, dad is doing good.  Without going into all the details right now, he's able to get out a bit and is recovering from the first half of part of his treatments.  Now we reassess and pray.  We do a lot of praying.

Mom was looking forward to his hair falling out.  That hasn't happened yet.  Strange I know, but she jokingly said she wondered if it would come back in black and curly.  It made us all laugh.  You have to laugh.

One day I hope to share more about this journey, but until then, enjoy every day!