Tuesday, January 3

Prayer and Facebook?

Tonight I was reading through my Facebook page after everyone went to bed (because my family get's annoyed when I tie up our family time on it).  I noticed I was praying for those that were hurting, had missing family members, had lost loved ones during this holiday season and then for my own child as I wonder what news we will get tomorrow.  In the middle of this, I was going back and forth between Facebook and my favorite scripture website, www.biblegateway.com.  There, I can look up phrases that I recall but can't remember the exact scripture for.

I prayed and Facebooked and posted and commented.  The thought just crossed my mind, can you have a quiet time, or quality time praying and be Facebooking?  The Bible says to pray without ceasing right?  I know that it is probably a bit more safe than when I am praying in the car while I'm driving.  And to tell you the truth, I think that in the quiet, peaceful bliss with all the sleeping children in bed, that a little prayer with Facebook might just be okay.

Now don't get me wrong.  I don't think this is the only way to pray but when you read about and are reminded about all that your friends and family are going through, why not stop and pray for them?!

My thoughts for the day-



Melanie said...

I believe you can. I do it often. In a world that reaches so far, Facebook can be (operative words) a great tool for staying connected. The Bible says to pray without ceasing... and I'm pretty sure God knows that he's given us other things to look after each day that require open eyes. The question is: are our eyes truly open to seeing him?

The Estrogen Files said...

I do the same thing: say little prayers for those I read of & know need help. I often post thank you praise on Facebook when God answers me. Or when it finally dawns on me that He has blessed me in some way.